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Activeledger SDK-Android

To use the Android SDK please Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url '' }

Add the dependency

dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.activeledger:SDK-Android:Tag'

For Maven:


Add the dependency


NOTE: Please update the Tag : 0.1.3

SDK Dev Instruction

Use the ActiveLedger SDK interface to Use the SDK.

Initialise the SDK


Generate KeyPair

Generating a KeyPair will give an Observable in return. User RxAndroid to subscribe to the Obserable.

Observable<KeyPair> keyPair = ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().generateAndSetKeyPair(KeyType,SaveKeysToFile);
Observable<KeyPair> keyPair = ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().generateAndSetKeyPair(keyType,true);

Oboard KeyPair

Onboarding a KeyPair will give an Observable in return. User RxAndroid to subscribe to the Obserable.

Observable<String> response = ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().onBoardKeys(KeyPair, "KeyName");
ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().onBoardKeys(keyPair, "ActiveLedgerAwesomeKey");

Creating and Signing Transaction

Transactions can be created using Transactions class in the SDK. User can create complete transaction or just the $tx Object and SDK will create the complete transaction. User can also create Labeled Transaction using the example below. $tx is a JSONObject that can be created by folowing Activeledger Documentation.

JSONObject transaction = Transactions.createLabeledTransaction($tx);

Server Sent Event

Server Sent Events can be subscribed by giving the protocol, ip and port. All the functional URLs can be found in Utility/ApiURL. User can create their own ServerEventListener and observe the events or can pass null and Observe the LiveData variable "SSEUtil.getInstance().eventLiveData".

ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().subscribeToEvent(protocol, ip, port, url, null/ServerEventListener);

Executing a Transaction

Execute method takes a transaction and will give an Observable in return with response in String format. User RxAndroid to subscribe to the Obserable.

Observable<String>  respinse =  ActiveLedgerSDK.getInstance().executeTransaction(String transactionJson);


This project is licensed under the MIT License