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Activeledger Java SDK

Welcome to Java SDK for Activeledger. This SDK facilitates the user in sending the transactions to the ledger against a smart contract.


  • JDK 1.8 or above
  • Apache Maven 3.7.0


  • mvn install

    This command will generate a jar file which can be imported into Java application

  • mvn install -DskipTests=true

    In case if you want to skip tests


The SDK currently supports the following functionality

  • Connection handling
  • Key generation
  • Key onboarding
  • Transaction building

Initialization and Connection Handlilng

ctx = ActiveledgerJavaSdkApplication.getContext();
   	ActiveledgerJavaSdkApplication.setConnection("http", "", "5260");

Generating KeyPair

KeyGen keyGen = (KeyGen) ctx.getBean("KeyGen");
KeyPair keyPair = keyGen.generateKeyPair(Encryption.RSA);

Key onboarding

OnboardIdentity onboardIdentity = (OnboardIdentity) ctx.getBean("OnboardIdentity");
TxResponse resp = onboardIdentity.onboard(KeyPair, Encryption.RSA/Encryption.EC, "local");// "local" is a keyName. Can be changed to anything. TxResponse will either give you an erorr or streamID

Transaction Building

Transaction class has 2 functions which you can use for building the Transaction. Build the TxObject and send it to either

  1. createTransaction(TxObject,Territoriality,selfsign) - creates and returns the Transaction Object
    • You can update the sigs object if needed in the returned Transaction Object.
    • To use the territoriality, pass the nodeID. Otherwise null.
    • If transaction is self signed , send true otherwise false
    • Use sendTransaction(Transaction) to send the transaction to activeledger
  2. createAndSendTransation(TxObject,Territoriality,selfsign) - creates and sends the transaction to Activeledger.
    • You will get a TxResponse object in return which will give you either the streamID or error.
Transaction transaction=new Transaction();

transaction.createTransaction(txObject,null, false);
transaction.createAndSendTransaction(txObject,null, false);

Events Subscription

SDK contains different helper functions for the purpose of subscribing to different events in the events package. EventHandlerInterface

  • subscribe(String host,String port,EventHandlerInterface eventHandler)
  • subscribe(String host,String port,String stream,EventHandlerInterface eventHandler)
  • eventSubscribe(String host,String port,String contract,String event,EventHandlerInterface eventHandler)
  • eventSubscribe(String host,String port,String contract,EventHandlerInterface eventHandler)
  • eventSubscribe(String host,String port,EventHandlerInterface eventHandler)

Implementation of EventHandler interface will need to be provided. This contains functions allowing the developer to however use the event.


SDK also contains helper functions to get and search streams from Activeledger.

  • getActivityStream(String host, String port, List ids) // returns JSONAray
  • getActivityStream(String host, String port, String id) //returns JSONObject
  • getActivityStreamVolatile(String host, String port, String id) //returns JSONObject
  • setActivityStreamVolatile(String host, String port, String id,Object bdy) // Anything in the bdy will be written to that location for that stream id. Returns JSONObject.
  • getActivityStreamChanges(String host, String port) //returns JSONObject
  • searchActivityStream(String host, String port, JSONObject query) //returns JSONArray
  • searchActivityStream(String host, String port, String query) //returns JSONArray
  • findTransaction(String host, String port, String umid) //returns JSONObject