Installing the Authoring Tool

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What is installed?

The authoring tool is a user interface for the Adapt framework. The framework and the core plug-ins are installed as a part of the installation of the authoring tool. You do not need to install them separately. The authoring tool requires NodeJS (LTS version) and MongoDB to run.

Upon installation you can begin creating responsive e-learning courses.

What skills are needed for installation?

The purpose of the authoring tool is to bring the power of the framework to persons whose technical skill sets are limited. While installation is getting easier, it still requires the installer to take steps that are typically hidden within a packaged installer. You can expect that installation methods will continue to develop as the tool itself develops; at present, it requires use of the command line (i.e., terminal, command prompt window, git bash, etc.), though only basic skills are needed.

Installation Methods

Install manually

Summary: This method requires you to install NodeJS, Grunt, Adapt CLI, MongoDB, and to download and unzip the authoring tool repository before proceeding. Installation creates the authoring tool as a node application running on your system.
Recommended for: Persons with a technical background who want more control over configuration options. Developers who want to contribute code to the Adapt authoring tool project. The authoring tool is intended to be installed on a server for use by a team. Nonetheless, it may be installed on a stand-alone computer for use by an individual.
Advantages: Control over configuration variables and MongoDB. Does not require the use of a virtual machine.
Limitations: System configuration can impact the ease and success of installation.
Instructions: Install on a Server (detailed); Developer's Install (succinct)


If you experience difficulties during installation, there are two main places you should be seeking help.

The community forums

The Adapt community technical forum already has a wealth of discussion on installation advice. Please have a good look around in the existing posts for possible solutions, as the likelihood is that someone else has encountered the same problem as you (and hopefully resolved it).

If requesting help, please provide as much relevant information as possible to give the community a fighting chance in helping you out.

Remember: the less (useful) information you give, the less likely you'll get a response.

Try to at least include the following information:

  • Your computer's operating system
  • The versions of Adapt you are attempting to install
  • What steps you took before trouble was encountered
  • Any error messages that were displayed
    Tip: Refrain from pasting long server logs, as this makes your post hard to read, and therefore less likely to receive responses.


We also have an active (and very friendly) community in the Adapt Gitter rooms.

The same rules as above apply when asking questions here. Also, please respect the users in the room and don't demand an instant response; everyone there is donating their time in addition to their full-time jobs.

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