Upgrading the Adapt Authoring Tool

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A note on legacy upgrades

If you're upgrading an installation of the authoring tool earlier v0.4.0, see this page for more information.

Before you start

For peace of mind, we always recommend that you create a backup of your installation prior to upgrading to a new release. You can find tips on doing this in the following guide: Backing up your install

We also recommend you completely remove the node_modules folder and re-run npm install to avoid any possible issues with npm modules versions.

Automatic upgrade

To upgrade your authoring tool install automatically, simply run node upgrade, confirm the onscreen prompts, and let the script do the rest.

When finished, you'll have the latest available version of the authoring tool and framework.

Manual upgrade

If you're looking to install a specific version of the authoring tool and framework, or you're only looking to update one of the two, the manual upgrade is for you.

To manually upgrade your software, specify n when asked if you want to update automatically. You'll then need to enter the versions you want to install. Any valid git revision is acceptable here (A git revision can be a release name - v0.4.0 - or branch name - develop - among other things. See the official git documentation for more detail on this).
Tip: you can press enter without entering a value to skip the update for that part.

Note: this also works if custom repositories have been specified during install.

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