Contributing to the Adapt Project

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First of all, thank you for showing interest in the Adapt project! This document was intended to give some guidance on getting involved in two(!) easy steps.

1. Explore the community

The Adapt project has a thriving, friendly community who have an incredible knowledge of the inner-workings of Adapt - make as much use of this as you can.

Say hello

If this is your first time contributing, please drop by our general_chat stream on Gitter and introduce yourself (you'll need a GitHub account to do this) - we love seeing new faces!

You can also explore the other more specific Gitter rooms to get a feel of what goes on day-to-day.

Head to the community site

The community site acts as the project hub; first and foremost providing you with links to all corners of the Adapt project, such as the issue tracker, and source code.

At the heart of the community site are the forums, and one of the best ways you can contribute to the project is to share your knowledge of Adapt in here. The only requirement is that you like a chat!

2. Find something to work on

The next step to getting involved is to find something to actually work on. Based on your skills and interests, there are a number of different areas that you can help out with.

Report issues

One of the easiest ways to make a meaningful contribution to the project is to submit any bugs you find to the relevant repo:

If you think you've found a bug, check out our guide on reporting issues, which will give you more information on verifying your bug, as well as what to report, and where.

If you can fix a bug you've reported, even better! Check out the next section on what to do in that case.

Fix issues

If you're looking to get involved as a developer, fixing existing issues is a good place to start.

We've written a guide to contributing code which will give you more information on finding a bug to work on, how to go about fixing that bug, and what to do once you've written a patch.

Contribute code

If you've been working with Adapt for a while, and are comfortable working with the framework on a larger scale, you may want to contribute to a larger feature-request patch (you can filter these in the issues page of the relevant repo), or write your own plugin.

Have a look at our page dedicated to code contribution for more.

Write documentation

If you're a keen writer, we're always looking for more hands to help out writing documentation (no technical knowledge necessary). See our documentation guide for more.

3. Repeat!

Hopefully, you've been bitten by the open-source bug by now and want to contribute more. We always look forward to community contribution, no matter how small :grinning:

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