Manual installation of the Adapt framework

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The Adapt-CLI provides a command for creating a course. The command downloads and installs the latest public release of the Adapt framework. It is the easiest way for a developer/author to set up a development environment.

There may be times when using the command line interface is unsuitable, for example, when installing the develop branch or when installing a fork or test package. Such situations require manual installation, and the following instructions aim to help.

Installation Overview

  1. Install prerequisites.
    Installation of the Adapt framework depends on Node, Git, Grunt, and the Adapt-CLI.

  2. Download the framework.
    Download the source code from its repository on GitHub.

  3. Install module dependencies.
    Use npm and adapt to install required packages and plug-ins.

  4. Run the application.
    Build the supplied sample course and start a server.

1. Install Prerequisites

Install the following before proceeding:


  • To verify if a requirement is already installed, check for its version.
  • Windows users should run these commands in Git Bash if Git was installed using default settings.
  • Mac and Linux users may need to prefix the commands with sudo or give yourself elevated permissions on the /usr/local directory as documented here.

2. Download the Framework.

Download the Adapt framework as a ZIP and extract the files. (If you are a Windows user, you may need to unblock the ZIP archive before you extract it.)

Open a console interface (e.g. Git Bash, Terminal on OSX, Powershell or CMD.exe) and navigate to the extracted folder (typically adapt_framework-master, but you can safely rename this).

3. Install Module Dependencies.

With the extracted folder as your current working directory, run the following command.
npm install

This will install all of the package dependencies of the framework. Be patient. If any error occurs, read the output. Determine if a dependency failed to install properly, if you forgot to install one of the prerequisites, or if you require elevated permissions. If you need assistance troubleshooting, consult the Adapt community's Technical Discussion Forum. If this command completes successfully, run the following command.
adapt install

This will download all of the Adapt plug-ins to the correct locations in the framework.

4. Run the Application

Build the included sample course by running the following command:
grunt build

Start a server by running the following command:
grunt server

To view the course, open a browser to the following URL: http://localhost:9001/
To terminate the server, press ctrl+c .

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