Adapt Command Line Interface

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Important: the CLI is only for use with developing standalone courses using the framework. Please do not attempt to use it in conjunction with an authoring tool installation.

The Adapt command-line interface (CLI) is a set of cross platform command-line tools for developers to create, manage and build Adapt courses and plugin.

Check out the CLI's README for full details.


Prerequisites: NodeJS (and NPM)

To install the Adapt CLI, run the following from the command line:

npm install adapt-cli -g

This will install the CLI globally (i.e. allow you to access the tools from anywhere on your computer).


To update the Adapt CLI run the following command

npm update adapt-cli -g

CLI features

  • Create courses
  • List course plugins
  • Search for plugins
  • Install a plugin
  • Uninstall a plugin
Creating an Adapt course
adapt create {type} {path} [{branch}]

type - What to create. Only the value "course" is currently supported. path - The directory of the new course. branch - Optional - The branch of the framework to be downlaoded.

For example...

adapt create course "My Course"

This will download the Adapt framework and create an new course in the directory "My Course", in your current directory.

List plugins

To show a list of the course's plugins:

adapt ls

Note that this effectively outputs the contents of adapt.json - so doesn't show a list of installed plugins but rather a list of plugins that should be installed.

Searching for an Adapt plugin.
adapt search {name or partial name of plugin to search for}
Installing a plugin into your current directory
adapt install {name of plugin}

Additionally you can install a specific version of a plugin.

adapt install {name of plugin}#{version}

Anywhere that you are required to provide a name of a plugin it can be either fully qualified with 'adapt-' or optionally you can omit the prefix an just use the plugin name.

Therefore these commands are equivalent:

adapt install adapt-my-plugin
adapt install my-plugin

Installed plugins are saved to adapt.json.

Installing plugins previously saved in adapt.json
adapt install
Uninstalling a plugin from your current directory
adapt uninstall {name of plugin}

The Plugin Registry

The plugin system is powered by Bower. Each plugin should be a valid bower package and they should be registered with the Adapt registry.

See Developing plugins for more information on defining your plugins package.

Registering a plugin

From within a plugin directory

adapt register

name and repository will be read from bower.json in the current directory.

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