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Command line Python scripts
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Python scripts

Assortment of scripts that run on the command line, i.e. Terminal on Mac OS X, and Command Prompt on Windows.


Mac OS X: A version of Python is already installed.

Windows: You will need to install one of the 2.x versions available at


Some of the scripts may require additional Python packages or depend on certain tools being installed and appropriately configured to run on the command line. Here is a list of the locations from which you may need to get the extra tools and packages:

Using the scripts

  1. Download the ZIP package and unzip it.
    • Most of the scripts will run by simply typing python followed by the file name of the script, e.g. python
    • If the script is in a different directory from which you are trying to run it, you will need to provide the full path to the script's file, e.g. python /Users/myself/foldername/
    • Some scripts may allow you to use options, or require that you provide input files. To learn how to use those scripts, open them in a text editor app (e.g. TextEdit, Notepad) and read the documentation near the top of the file.
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