A Minimal, Header only Modern c++ library for colors in your terminal πŸ’„βœ¨
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Colors for your Terminal.

rang-demo rang-windows-demo

How to use it

No build system/package manager

  1. You just need rang.hpp from include directory, use it as #include "rang.hpp"
  2. Check out the wiki & maybe glance inside test directory to see some usage
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!

Using Meson build system

  • Use wrapdb to find rang dependency
  • Place this code inside your primary meson.build - rang_dep = dependency('rang', fallback : ['rang', 'rang_dep'])
  • Make sure to include rang_dep as dependency wherever you need it.

Using Conan package manager



and CMakeLists.txt with -


ADD_EXECUTABLE(executable_name main.cpp)
  • create build directory - mkdir build && cd build
  • install package and build - conan install .. && cmake .. && make