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Command shell for managing Linux LIO kernel target
Python Groff Makefile

Revised support for tcmu-runner and DBus

Only accept a single cfgstring when creating a backstore. Check this string
for validity using the CheckConfig method.

Add cfgstring-specific help info to 'help create' from the DBus iface's
ConfigDesc property.

Prevent long timeout when TCMUService1 is not present.

Override refresh() to properly show previously created user backstores.

Signed-off-by: Andy Grover <>
latest commit 884264386b
@agrover authored


A command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target

targetcli-fb is a command-line interface for configuring the LIO generic SCSI target, present in 3.x Linux kernel versions.

This runs with Python 2.7 and 2to3 is run by to run on Python 3.

targetcli-fb development

targetcli-fb is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Contributions are welcome.

In-repo packaging

Packaging scripts for RPM and DEB are included, but these are to make end-user custom packaging easier -- distributions tend to maintain their own packaging scripts separately. If you run into issues with packaging, start with opening a bug on your distro's bug reporting system.

Some people do use these scripts, so we want to keep them around. Fixes for any breakage you encounter are welcome.

"fb" -- "free branch"

targetcli-fb is a fork of the "targetcli" code written by RisingTide Systems. The "-fb" differentiates between the original and this version. Please ensure to use either all "fb" versions of the targetcli components -- targetcli, rtslib, and configshell, or stick with all non-fb versions, since they are no longer strictly compatible.

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