My collection of essential Front-End resources, focusing on accessibility, architecture, performance, code quality, workflow and best practices.
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Front-End Bookmarks

This is a collection of essential (or just useful/inspirational) Front-End Development & Accessibility bookmarks, frequently used in our daily work.

I try to keep this list generic (with a few exceptions), focusing on higher level concepts instead, such as accessibility, architecture, performance, code quality, workflow and best practices.

This is a living document (no shit!).

Accessibility Resources


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA)

Mobile Accessibility Best Practices

Accessibility Libraries/Helpers

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility communities

Accessibility coding exercises

Inclusive Design

HTML5 Resources (semantic markup mainly)

HTML5 Specification

Other HTML5 Resources

HTML5 Audio & Video


Generic & Tools

Inline Critical CSS

CSS Architecture

Functional CSS

CSS Guidelines, Style Guides & Patterns

Component style guide generators

CSS Grid Layout

Starter Templates, Boilerplates & Frameworks

Responsive Web Design Resources


Responsive Design Methodologies


Mobile First

Media Queries (CSS)

Media Queries (CSS + JS)

Element Queries

Fluid Grids

Fluid & Responsive Images & Icons and Tools

Fluid/Responsive Videos

Responsive Navigation

Responsive Tables

Responsive E-mail

Responsive Tools

JavaScript and Generic Development Resources

JavaScript/Generic Front-end Dev Resources

JavaScript Architecture


Libraries and Polyfills

JavaScript Style Guides

HTML5 JavaScript APIs


ECMAScript 6

Web Components

ReactJS & Flux

Service Workers


SVG Specification



SVG Editors

Responsive SVG

Accessible SVG

SVG animations


Design Systems



Offline first

Quality Assurance & Testing

Front-end Code Quality Tools

Cross-Device Testing

To connect to your local Apache virtualhost for testing on remote machines inside the same LAN, see these:

Setting that up enables you to develop locally but test on any device connected to the same network.

Mobile Emulator Testing

Various Other Testing Tools

What's Supported? (Compatibility Tables)

Code Sharing Tools

Workflow and Automated Unit Testing

npm scripts

Sequential or parallel npm-scripts



Inspiring Conference Talks