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KtConnect ("Kt" is short for "Kubernetes Toolkit") is a utility tool to help you work with Kubernetes dev environment more efficiently.



  • Connect: Directly Access a remote Kubernetes cluster. KtConnect use ssh-vpn or socks-proxy to access remote Kubernetes cluster networks.
  • Exchange: Developer can exchange the workload to redirect the requests to a local app.
  • Mesh: You can create a mesh version service in local host, and redirect specified workload requests to your local.
  • Preview: Expose a local running app to Kubernetes cluster as a common service, all requests to that service are redirect to local app.

🚀 QuickStart

You can download and install the ktctl from Downloads And Install

Read the Quick Start Guide for more about this tool.

💡 Ask For Help

Please feel free to raise an issue if anything sucks, or go ahead to contact us with DingTalk(钉钉):