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savvyray commented Jun 29, 2021

Both versions of nacos2.0.0 and nacos2.0.2 were tried, unable to cluster successfully under mac and centos, the log output service is being restarted, unable to start normally, and cannot complete the election.

xeviknal commented Jul 13, 2021

In development, when adding/removing/updating validations there is a redundancy that makes dev a little bit harder some time: the usage of two different ids for the same validation. Here one example of the two ids for one validation:

The first key is the ide for the associative m

alekskar commented Jun 18, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Vault has backends for AWS like dynamo and s3. However to use them you should provide credentials. AWS support 2 solutions to eliminate this. IAM roles for Service Accounts and Instance profile roles.
Due to some unknown reason vault requires more time to start when using dynamic creds than explicit definition keys in s3 block o

adamkgray commented May 4, 2021

/kind feature

Describe the solution you'd like

In pkg/apis/serving/v1beta1/inference_service_defaults.go the default InferenceService resource requests and limits are hard coded to be 1 cpu and 2Gi memory. These are reasonable defaults. However, the entire existence of these defaults should be disablable. Moreover, administrators should be able to quickly adjust defaults globally via t

leecalcote commented Jul 20, 2021


Field labels overlap with field input, specifically saved user preference input.

When a user changes the performance load test defaults from the system defaults, the UI will correctly save the user's preference, but will display their preferred settings as overlapping the label of the input field.

Expected Behavior

  1. Move the field label out of the actual text fi

This repo contains a sample application based on a Garage Management System for Pitstop - a fictitious garage. The primary goal of this sample is to demonstrate several software-architecture concepts like: Microservices, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Eventual Consistency.

  • Updated Jul 13, 2021
  • C#

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