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HDL Reference Designs

Analog Devices Inc. HDL libraries and projects for various reference design and prototyping systems. This repository contains HDL code (Verilog or VHDL) and the required Tcl scripts to create and build a specific FPGA example design using Xilinx and/or Intel tool chain.


The HDL is provided "AS IS", support is only provided on EngineerZone.

If you feel you can not, or do not want to ask questions on EngineerZone, you should not use or look at the HDL found in this repository. Just like you have the freedom and rights to use this software in your products (with the obligations found in individual licenses) and get support on EngineerZone, you have the freedom and rights not to use this software and get datasheet level support from traditional ADI contacts that you may have.

There is no free replacement for consulting services. If you have questions that are best handed one-on-one engagement, and are time sensitive, consider hiring a consultant. If you want to find a consultant who is familar with the HDL found in this repository - ask on EngineerZone.

Getting started

This repository supports reference designs for different Analog Devices boards based on Intel and Xilinx FPGA development boards or standalone.



Please make sure that you have the required tool version.

How to build a project

For building a project (generate a bitstream), you have to use the GNU Make tool. If you're a Windows user please checkout this page, to see how you can install this tool.

To build a project, checkout the latest release, after that just cd to the project that you want to build and run make:

 [~]cd projects/fmcomms2/zc706

A more comprehensive build guide can be found under the following link:


In general all the projects have no-OS (baremetal) and a Linux support. See no-OS or Linux for more information.

Which branch should I use?

Use already built files

You can download already built files and use them as they are. They are available on this link.
The files are built from master branch whenever there are new commits in HDL or Linux repositories.

⚠️ Pay attention when using already built files, since they are not tested in HW!


In this HDL repository, there are many different and unique modules, consisting of various HDL (Verilog or VHDL) components. The individual modules are developed independently, and may be accompanied by separate and unique license terms.

The user should read each of these license terms, and understand the freedoms and responsibilities that he or she has by using this source/core.

See LICENSE for more details. The separate license files cab be found here:

Comprehensive user guide

See HDL User Guide for a more detailed guide.