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cutephoton commented Dec 18, 2018

This is the first RISCV core I've been able to get up and running without breaking my head. Much appreciation for the SpinalHDL team for the making this work with Qsys and Avalon. :) (Although SpinalHDL itself puzzling still.)

Where should notes and documentation go? (Is there a wiki?) There's a lot of little things I had to figure out. It would be nice to make it easy to post the notes. One ex

drtrigon commented Sep 19, 2019

I would like to use icestudio in class e.g. to demonstrate the simulation of logic gates. Ultimatively I would like to create logic tables with the students.

I found following two descriptions but - unfortunately - do not speak spanish:

dsjstc commented Apr 14, 2017

Just spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to use and/or install the Library Manager gui into the IDE My IDE (2.0 beta 2) doesn't match the docs in a handful of places. Specifically, the following imply that there is a Library Manager gui, which one might assume has to be installed separately:

  • "Library Manager" is listed in th
stoune commented Jan 2, 2020

Auto-generated files
contains absolute path, for example:

"configurations": [
            "type": "platformio-debug",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "PIO Debug",
            **"executable": "/Users/username/Projects/projname/.pio/build/esp32dev/firmware.elf",
            "toolchainBinDir": "/Users/u
yurivict commented Jan 6, 2020

The README says:

[...] you'll need an SD card image for your DE10 with a valid installation of Cascade. Cascade can generate this image for you automatically [...]

The obvious question is "how". Is there a command that generates the image?

I have a working DE Nano, it has linux running, it is connected through the Ethernet.
Is this image not sufficient, and Cascade should generate

izzy-nicholson commented Aug 28, 2018

Running arachne on counter.v from tutorial 4 (the 26 bit counter) results in a fatal error due to missing set_io constraints. The counter.v file contains:

module counter(input clk, output [25:0] data);

while the .pcf contains only pin destinations for the first four bits:

set_io data[25] 96
set_io data[24] 97
set_io data[23] 98
set_io data[22] 99
set_io clk 21

Leading t

JaewonHur commented Dec 4, 2019

As in spec,
EEAR register should save the instruction fetch VA when illegal instruction exception.

We should change code in mor1kx_ctrl_cappuccino.v as follow.

    always @(posedge clk `OR_ASYNC_RST)
     if (rst)
       spr_eear <= {OPTION_OPERAND_WIDTH{1'b0}};
     else if (/*padv_ctrl & exception*/ exception_re)
	  if (except_ibus_err_i | except_itlb_miss_i
linkfanel commented Nov 14, 2016

It's nice that contrary to the utwente WebSDR software, KiwiSDR makes an attempt at maximizing the use of screen real estate for the waterfall. However at the same time, it makes it frustrating whenever the interface clutters the useful display :/

I'll talk personally but I expect plenty other people would feel the same. The thick, solid top bar feels cumbersome. The top left general informatio

SmallRoomLabs commented Feb 6, 2020

When running verilator in docker (from the exit code is always set to 1 regardless success or not. It seems like the wrapper script is the culprit. (I know I can override the entrypoint and run the executable directly without the wrapper, but it'd be nice to always have the proper exit code by default)

With these two test files

MatsMBP:status mats$ ca
aolofsson commented Jan 23, 2020

The pre-requisites hidden inside the should probably be moved to README. There is currently no callout to these dependancies.

sudo apt install \

gcc-7 \

g++-7 \

gperf \

autoconf \

automake \

autotools-dev \

libmpc-dev \

libmpfr-dev \

libgmp-dev \

gawk \

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