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dxhisboy commented May 4, 2022

I'm not sure about if it was a system configuration problem on my computer. Most of my computers runs Archlinux with Java 18. It seems the pin text of RAM is too large and overlaps each other:

While I didn't found a way to configure font of the canvas in menus. I found that a modifica

bug pri std good first issue
gezalore commented May 25, 2020

EH1 has a lot of examples where a sequent CFunc contains only a handful ot statements (often 1 or 2) and is called only once. This causes a performance penalty when --output-split puts these in a different function than _eval and hence the compiler can't inline them, so we should inline these ourselve when it's obviously the right thing to do.

good first issue area: performance status: ready
vaughnbetz commented Dec 17, 2020

Tuo Xie requested the ability to visualize clocking (pins & wires I believe). We should make it easier to visualize subsets of the device routing resource and types of routing nets.

Proposed Behaviour

Add filtering to the rr_nodes displayed (ToggleRR), and to the nets displayed (ToggleNets). I think we should have an option to filter what is shown by node type, node name (segment or pin t

VPR Good First Issue

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