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Web debugger for Raj
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Raj Web Deubgger

Web debugger for Raj

npm install raj-web-debugger

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Embed/Debugger view

Click image for video demonstration.


Wrap any standard Raj program in raj-web-debugger and use it like normal.

import debug from 'raj-web-debugger'
import myProgram from './my-program'

export default debug(myProgram)


  • View library agnostic. The debugger has its own view, independent of the program's and in a separate window to reduce interfering with the inspected program.

  • Time-travel. The debugger records every message that goes through the program. Rewind to a previous state by selecting the message from the sidebar that caused it, or cycle through time looking for the state you want to inspect. Use J to go backward and K to go forward.

  • Pretty printing. Input and output states print out in pretty colors. Custom formatting for Tagmeme also makes nested messages more readable in the message list sidebar.


  • Better pretty printing
    • Collapsable value trees
    • ES6 Map and Set support
    • ImmutableJS support
  • Input/output state diff view
  • Effect to message source tracing
  • Keyboard shortcut to open debugger
  • Multi-debugger support
  • Import/export history
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