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IOCaml is an OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook. This provides a REPL within a web browser with a nice user interface including markdown based comments/documentation, mathjax formula and the possibility of generating all manner of HTML based output media from your code.

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This repository hosts the iocamljs-kernel package.

With this kernel the OCaml REPL is compiled to JavaScript and run in the browser.

The demo notebook js_of_ocaml-webgl-demo.ipynb provides a good example of what can be done. Its an almost direct copy of the js_of_ocaml WebGL demo except the 3d model, shader code, ocaml code and html code are all embedded in the notebook and can be compiled and run live in the browser.

When run using the IOCaml server the toplevel can support file I/O including dynamic loading of libraries using topfind #require directives.


$ opam install iocaml

or to just get the kernel

$ opam install iocamljs-kernel

Precompiled versions which can be used with the Enthought IPython distribution on Windows can be downloaded from here.