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IOCaml Server

IOCaml is an OCaml kernel for the IPython notebook. This provides a REPL within a web browser with a nice user interface including markdown based comments/documentation, mathjax formula and the possibility of generating all manner of HTML based output media from your code.

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This repository hosts the iocaml-server package.

This project replaces all the Python code with an OCaml webserver based on cohttp.


$ iocaml [options] [path or file]

If started with a path then the dashboard interface will be started which lists notebooks in the given directory.

If a .ipynb file is given then the notebook will be loaded.

By default iocaml-kernel is run. To run a JavaScript kernel use:

$ iocaml -js <kernel> [...]

where <kernel> may currently be either:

  • min just the ocaml toplevel
  • full includes camlp4, lwt, js_of_ocaml and their syntax extentions

It is very useful with the JavaScript kernels to also serve some part of the filesystem. For example:

$ iocaml -js min -serve /home/andyman/.opam 

This would allow files from the .opam directory to be read from the toplevel.

  • -serve path serves files from path to the same uri
  • -serve-at uri path serves files from path at the given uri
  • -serve-jslibs configure file server to serve system libraries for the JavaScript kernels.

Multiple -serve options can be specified and they are tested in order until a file is found.

The js_of_ocaml psuedo file system has been setup so you can use the standard file I/O facilities to access served files (read only at the moment, write support is a future possibliity).