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@angular-schule/ngx-deploy-starter πŸš€

NPM version The MIT License



This is a sample project that helps you to implement your own deployment builder (ng deploy) for the Angular CLI. The groundwork of this starter was provided by Minko Gechev's ngx-gh project.

This project has the following purposes:

Goal 1: To promote the adoption of ng deploy by providing a blueprint for new builders.
Goal 2: To clarify various questions and to standardise the experience of the existing builders.

We hope for an inspiring discussion, pull requests and questions.

If you don't know ng deploy yet, learn more about this command here:
πŸ‘‰ Blogpost: All you need to know about ng deploy

Projects based on ngx-deploy-starter

  • angular-cli-ghpages – Deploy your Angular app to GitHub pages directly from the Angular CLI! πŸš€
  • ngx-deploy-docker – Deploy your Angular Application to a Docker registry directly from the Angular CLI! πŸš€
  • ngx-deploy-npm – Deploy your Angular Package to NPM directly from the Angular CLI! πŸš€
  • ngx-deploy-ftp – Deploy Angular apps to an FTP remote using the Angular CLI! πŸš€

Goal 1: How to make your own deploy builder

We are there to assist you in creating a builder.

  1. fork this repository
  2. adjust the package.json
  3. search and replace for the string @angular-schule/ngx-deploy-starter and ngx-deploy-starter and choose your own name.
  4. search and replace for the string to the file system and name your deploy target.
  5. add your deployment code to src/engine/engine.ts, take care of the tests
  6. follow the instructions from the contributors README for build, test and publishing.

You are free to customise this project according to your needs. Please keep the spirit of Open Source alive and use the MIT or a compatible license.

Goal 2: Best practices for deployment builders

This project also aims to be a reference for the existing builders. Recommendations are made through RFCs (Request for Comments), and we are very pleased about their adoption. Here is a list of all existing RFCs.


Code released under the MIT license.