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fix(jsonTree): detect deep model changes via events

Sometimes when navigating around the scopeTree the jsonTree didn't
I believe this was caused by the $watch on the model in jsonTree being
passed the objectEquality flag.
This results in the use of the angular.equal function to detect if the
model has changed.
This function ignores any properties that start with a $...
Thus when only the $properties were different across multiple models,
$watch didn't trigger.
The solution:
a) Use a watch with reference equality to detect when the user selects a
different scope to inspect.
b) Listen for model:change events to detect when the model has been
updated from ngHint.
latest commit 88567aea2c
@gary-b gary-b authored SomeKittens committed

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  1. Download and extract one of the files from the Batarang releases page on GitHub
  2. Navigate to chrome://chrome/extensions/ in Chrome
  3. If you've installed Batarang from the web store, disable or remove that version
  4. On the top right, check the checkbox for "Developer mode"
  5. Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  6. Select the directory where you extracted the extension
  7. Close and re-open any inspected tabs

Installing from Source

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