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Go client for LastPass


  • login with
    • user name and master password
    • two-factor authentication with out-of-band mechanism such as push notification to LastPass Authenticator or Duo Security
    • two-factor authentication with one-time password from LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, YubiKey, Duo Security, Sesame, etc.
    • trust: after first successful login with two-factor authentication, the second factor can be skipped
  • create account
  • read accounts
  • update account
  • delete account
  • create / read / update / delete account in shared folder
  • logout




$ go get


import ""


Below, error handling is excluded for brevity.

See examples directory for more examples.

// authenticate with LastPass servers
client, _ := lastpass.NewClient(context.Background(), "user name", "master password")

// two-factor authentication with one-time password as second factor:
// client, _ := lastpass.NewClient(context.Background(), "user name", "master password", lastpass.WithOneTimePassword("123456"))

account := &lastpass.Account{
	Name:     "my site",
	Username: "my user",
	Password: "my pwd",
	URL:      "https://myURL",
	Group:    "my group",
	Notes:    "my notes",

// Add() account
client.Add(context.Background(), account)

// read all Accounts()
accounts, _ := client.Accounts(context.Background())

// Update() account
account.Password = "updated password"
client.Update(context.Background(), account)

// Delete() account
client.Delete(context.Background(), account)

// Logout()


This repository is a port of detunized/lastpass-ruby and a clone of mattn/lastpass-go.

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

This repository's ecb (Electronic Codebook) package contains code which is "Copyright 2013 The Go Authors. All rights reserved."