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BSD Working Group

The BSD Working Group collaborates on BSD and BSD-related technologies (incl. DragonFly, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, TrueOS, FreeNAS, OPNSense, pfSense) in Ansible.


  • BSD works out of the box with most of the standard Unix modules.
  • We formed a Working Group to improve the BSD-specific support in Ansible.
  • We have a BSD pinboard, subscribe to it to stay informed!


Name GitHub (+ IRC) Flavours Role Affiliation
Antonio Huete tuxillo DragonFly BSD Reviewer Independent
Brian Coca bcoca Reviewer Red Hat/Ansible
Goran Mekić mekanix / meka FreeBSD, HardenedBSD Reviewer Independent
Orion Poplawski opoplawski / orionp pfSense Reviewer Independent
Ross Williams overhacked FreeBSD, pfSense, FreeNAS Reviewer Independent
MacLemon MacLemon FreeBSD Reviewer Independent
Dag Wieers dagwieers / dag pfSense, OPNsense Supporting Independent
Dave Cottlehuber dch FreeBSD, maybe Open Reviewer Independent
Vladimir Botka vbotka / vlado FreeBSD Reviewer Independent

Add yourself to this list as a Reviewer (help review PRs) or as a Member (discuss issues/roadmap).


  • TBD What can be improved?

Action plan

v2.8 release

  • New BSD modules:
    • freebsd_update -- @loqutus #41976
    • ezjail -- @hc42 #35111
    • freebsdport -- @basarevych #32727
    • rc_service -- @thnee #26251
  • Update the BSD documentation:
    • Add information about specific BSD-flavors
    • Tips and tricks section
    • Mention BSD Working Group
  • Add See Also sections to BSD modules referring related modules and websites
  • Add missing integration tests to existing modules:
  • Review open pull-requests -- open PRs
  • Review open issues -- open issues


  • DragonFly BSD
    • Fix mount module (missing mount(8) -T option)
    • hammer_facts / hammer2_facts (similar to community zpool_facts)
    • hammer / hammer2 module (similar to community zfs)
  • FreeBSD


  • TBD