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OpenStack Working Group

The OpenStack Working Group collaborates on OpenStack and OpenStack-related technologies in Ansible.


  • We formed a Working Group to improve the OpenStack-specific support in Ansible.
  • We have an OpenStack pinboard, subscribe to it to stay informed!


Name GitHub (+ IRC) Role Affiliation
Monty Taylor emonty Reviewer Red Hat
Julia Kreger juliakreger Reviewer Red Hat
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz rcarrillocruz Reviewer Ansible
David Shrewsbury Shrews Reviewer
Davide Agnello dagnello Reviewer Teradata
Mohammed Naser mnaser Reviewer
Jesse Pretorius odyssey4me Reviewer Rackspace
Jean-Philippe Evrard evrardjp Reviewer SuSE
Kevin Carter cloudnull Reviewer Rackspace
James Cassell jamescassell / cyberpear Reviewer
Lars Kellogg-Stedman larsks Reviewer Red Hat
Lingxian Kong lingxiankong Reviewer Catalyst Cloud
Artem Goncharov gtema Reviewer T-Systems
David Medberry medberry / med_ Reviewer Red Hat
Luis Rueda userlerueda Reviewer Cisco
Mark Goddard markgoddard Member StackHPC
Chenjun Shen pshen / cshen Member METRONOM
Erol Guzoğlu erolg Reviewer Kartaca
Christian Berendt berendt Reviewer Betacloud
Jiri Stransky jistr Reviewer Red Hat
Jill Rouleau jillr Reviewer Red Hat
Gonéri Le Bouder goneri Member Red Hat

Add yourself to this list as a Reviewer (help review PRs) or as a Member (discuss issues/roadmap).


  • Add See Also sections to OpenStack modules referring related modules and websites
  • Create an OpenStack guide in Ansible documentation

Action plan

v2.8 release

  • New OpenStack modules:
    • os_tempest_parse_results -- @TalShafir #24153
    • os_tempest_run -- @TalShafir #24173
    • os_security_group_facts -- @Durburz #28717
    • os_nova_service -- @mnaser #45701
    • -- @xinau #47748
    • os_server_tag -- @gtema #48086
  • Review open pull-requests -- open PRs
  • Review open issues -- open issues
  • Add missing integration tests to existing modules:
    • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD
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