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Deep Declarative Networks
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Deep Declarative Networks

Deep Declarative Networks (DDNs) are a class of deep learning model that allows optimization problems to be embedded within an end-to-end learnable network. This repository maintains code and resources for developing and understanding DDN models.

You can find more details in this paper, which if you would like to reference in your research please cite as:

  author      = {Stephen Gould and
                 Richard Hartley and
                 Dylan Campbell},
  title       = {Deep Declarative Networks: A New Hope},
  eprint      = {arXiv:1909.04866},
  institution = {Australian National University (arXiv:1909.04866)},
  month       = {Sep},
  year        = {2019}

Running code

When running code from the command line make sure you add the ddn package to your PYTHONPATH. For example:

python tests/

Tutorials should be opened in Jupyter notebook:

cd tutorials
jupyter notebook

Reference (PyTorch) applications for image and point cloud classification can be found under the apps directory. See the README files therein for instructions on installation and how to run.


The ddn library is distributed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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