Just a simple christmas tree, based on redit story
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Christmas Tree

I found animated Christmas tree on reddit:

reddit tree

Was curious to make it in js. Current results are here: Happy new 2017!. Wish you all great successes and joy, doing what you love!

How it's built?

The tree is built of two spirals. These 11 lines of code render one line on spiral. It includes 3d projection and background shadow. Almost the same as this wiki image:


It's almost perfect now

EDIT: Thank you reddit. With your help we made it almost perfect. You are awesome!

Huge appreciation goes to @CensoredUsername who made significant improvement.

@Yazuak first gave and implemented idea of how to manage even distribution of points along the curves.

Vitaliy Kaurov implemented the same tree in Wolfram language... in just 15 lines of code.

David Librera rewrote this in CoffeScript. Checkout his repository for nice OO design.

So, what's left? Just small changes which could make this tree perfect:

  • Shadows are not accurate
  • I think code is more complex than it should be (subjectively).

Happy Holidays!