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The cyclops-react integration modules.

There are a number of integration modules for cyclops-react, they are

This screencast gives an overview of how cyclops can help integrate and provide abstractions across the datatypes in the above libraries. Unifying the cambrian explosion with cyclops-react

Integration module features

  1. reactive-streams support
  2. for-comprehensions
  3. type conversion
  4. AnyM, AnyMValue and AnyMSeq support
  5. Lazy Extended Collections (via cyclops-reactor)
  6. Utilities for connecting Streams (cyclops-reactor Flux types) in advanced ways
  7. Utilities for pushing data into Streams (e.g. cyclops-reactor Flux types)

Reactive Streams support and AnyM support

Closely linked to cyclops-react AnyM functionality, the integration modules allow appropriate types from FunctionalJava, Javaslang, Guava, RxJava and Reactor to be wrapped in an 'AnyM' wrapper. The AnyM wrappers all act as reactive-streams publishers. So if you would like a Javaslang Array or FunctionalJava Writer or List to behave as a reactive-streams publisher, simply call the appropriate method in our Javaslang or FJ class and subscribe to the returned AnyM type.


Convert a Javaslang List into a reactive-stream
import static com.aol.cyclops.javaslang.Javaslang.traversable;

SeqSubscriber<Integer> sub = SeqSubscriber.subscriber();
    .forEachWithError(System.out::println, System.err::println);
Schedule emission from FunctionalJava Stream
import static com.aol.cyclops.functionaljava.FJ.stream;

stream(Stream.stream(1,2,3)).schedule("* * * * * ?", Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(1))

Cyclops AnyM and AnyMValue / AnyMSeq interfaces allow any 'monad' type (a type with map / flatMap methods like JDK 8 Streams) to be wrapped and manipulated via a common interface.

AnyMValue represents monads such as Optional, CompletableFuture, Eval (cyclops-react), Either, Try, Writer, Reader etc that resolve to a single value.

AnyMSeq represents monads such as List, Stream, Array, Set etc that resolve to a sequence of values.


All cyclops integration modules offer full strength for-comprehensions, allowing for example a Javaslang Stream generator to access each element in a preceeding Stream.


Working with Pivotal Reactor Fluxes
import static com.aol.cyclops.reactor.Reactor.ForFlux;

Flux<Tuple2<Integer,Integer>> stream = ForFlux.each2(Flux.range(1,10), i->Flux.range(i, 10), Tuple::tuple);

Programming 'monadically' with FunctionalJava Writer's
import static  com.aol.cyclops.functionaljava.FJ.ForWriter;

Writer<String,String> writer = ForWriter.each2(Writer.unit("lower", "", Monoid.stringMonoid),
                                                a->Writer.unit(a+"hello",Monoid.stringMonoid),(a,b)->a.toUpperCase() + b);

writer.value(); //"LOWERlowerhello"                                             

type conversions

cyclops integration modules support conversion between FunctionalJava, Guava, Javaslang and JDK types. (Observables, Flux, Mono from RxJava and Reactor can be converted via AnyM/ reactive-streams support or by iterables where supported).

Getting cyclops-react

  • Maven Central : cyclops-react


where x.y.z represents the latest version

compile 'com.aol.simplereact:cyclops-react:x.y.z'