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This is the place where you can initiate proposals for new features/ideas in Cordova.

Adding a Proposal

For adding new proposals and ideas, please review instructions here.

Active Proposals - Help needed

Proposal Status/Notes
Support for Android N Proposed - Ongoing
Support for third party package managers - Nuget & coccoapods Proposed

In Progress Proposals

Proposal Status/Notes
Templates in Cordova CLI Part 2 Proposed

Completed Proposals

Proposal Status/Notes
Nightly Builds for Cordova and platforms Completed
Templates in Cordova CLI Completed
Cordova-lib Refactoring proposal Completed
Cordova Face2Face Oct 2015 meeting Meeting held Oct 15 - completed
Automatic Generation of plugin API docs Completed only for cordova-plugin-camera
Removal of whitelist from iOS platform Completed
Proposal to pin plugins with cLI Completed in 6.0 & replaced with plugin fetching in Cordova 6.1.
Platform project Some ideas adopted into the Cordova Platform API work.
Plugin version fetching - improve plugin versioning story Completed & part of Cordova 6.1
New information architecture for Cordova Completed and live on
Add Telemetry to Cordova CLI Completed
Ideas for improving documentation [1] [2] Most of the recommendations completed
CI for PRs submitted for cordova plugins Completed
Unified cordova-fetch proposal Completed