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3rdparty Libprocess Reinit: Added a test-only method to reinitialize libprocess. Oct 24, 2016
bin Duplicate/Rename slave/agent binaries and shell scripts. Apr 14, 2016
cmake Windows: Disabled some deprecated function warnings. Sep 17, 2016
docs Remove broken documentation link to the manjaro project. Oct 26, 2016
include/mesos Added rlimit isolator. Oct 22, 2016
m4 Fixed Python build breakage. Mar 18, 2016
mpi Removed libprocess/3rdparty references from misc files. May 11, 2016
site Updated user-group.html.md to add Seville(Spain). Oct 18, 2016
src Libprocess Reinit: Modified test to use PID<MetricsProcess>. Oct 24, 2016
support Windows: Updated build script to run the stout/libprocess tests. Oct 14, 2016
CHANGELOG Added MESOS-6445 to CHANGELOG for 1.1.0. Oct 25, 2016
CMakeLists.txt Updated CMakeLists.txt in preparation of 1.2.0. Oct 18, 2016
Doxyfile Remove markdown files from doxygen. Feb 20, 2016
LICENSE Added ELFIO as bundled dependency in Mesos. Jul 2, 2016
Makefile.am Removed libprocess/3rdparty references from misc files. May 11, 2016
NOTICE Updated the NOTICE to include the correct year, and to fix line Jun 7, 2013
README.md Updated README. Jul 28, 2016
bootstrap Moved `.gitignore-template` to `support/gitignore`. Jan 28, 2016
bootstrap.bat Moved `.gitignore-template` to `support/gitignore`. Jan 28, 2016
configure.ac Updated configure.ac in preparation of 1.2.0. Oct 18, 2016
mesos.pc.in Updated pkg-config file to include module dependency info. May 11, 2016


Apache Mesos

Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, or frameworks. It can run Hadoop, Jenkins, Spark, Aurora, and other frameworks on a dynamically shared pool of nodes.

Visit us at mesos.apache.org.

Mailing Lists


Documentation is available in the docs/ directory. Additionally, a rendered HTML version can be found on the Mesos website's Documentation page.


Instructions are included on the Getting Started page.


Apache Mesos is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For additional information, see the LICENSE and NOTICE files.