API Platform

Build modern, hypermedia APIs with ease, generate React applications from the API documentation.

Pinned repositories

  1. api-platform

    REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects (server-side and client-side)

    JavaScript 3.6k 381

  2. core

    The server component of API Platform: hypermedia and GraphQL APIs in minutes

    PHP 904 308

  3. admin

    A beautiful and fully-featured administration interface builder for hypermedia APIs

    JavaScript 191 53

  4. client-generator

    Generate React or Vue.js-based Progressive Web Apps from an Hydra-enabled API. Also support React Native.

    JavaScript 126 36

  5. schema-generator

    PHP Model Scaffolding from Schema.org vocabulary

    PHP 266 60

  6. demo

    Demo app for the API Platform framework

    JavaScript 116 54

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