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KMS Models

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This extension adds "Models" section in KMS and allows to define custom models on-the-fly. Supported fields for definition in Model: String, Text, Checkbox, File, HasMany, BelongsTo. Note that this extension requires at least PostgreSQL 9.2 because of JSON column type.


  1. Add to Gemfile

     gem "kms_models"
     # or for edge version:
     gem "kms_models", github: "webgradus/kms_models"
  2. Run generator:

     rails g kms_models:install
  3. Copy migrations:

     rails kms_models:install:migrations
  4. Migrate:

     bundle exec rails db:migrate
  5. Recompile assets:

     bundle exec rails assets:precompile
  6. Restart KMS instance

Getting started

Please watch this video to start using KMS Models:

Getting started with KMS Models extension


Please follow