A Simple Note App for demonstrating automated UI testing on iOS
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A Simple Note App for demonstrating automated UI testing on iOS

You probably have heard about automated tests before. People talk about it a lot these days, especially when the topic is about software quality.

They say that if you don't write any tests for your project, you're in big trouble. It may not affect you at the moment. But in the long run, it would become a huge technical debt.

That's true.

Project with no tests is impossibile to maintain when it gets big and there are multiple developers involved. As you change something in the code, things start to break. You don't even know that it breaks until your boss comes to your desk and starts yelling. You know that feeling, right?

So, it's better to know a thing or two about testing so that you can improve your project quality and also improve yourself as a software engineer.

There are 2 types of automated tests in iOS:

  • Unit test:
    • test a specific case in a class.
    • make sure that the class works independently on its own.
  • UI test:
    • is also called Integration test.
    • test user interactions with the app.
    • make sure that all classes fit well together.

For the full tutorial, please refer to the link below: