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This is a small side-project to index the entirety of Wikipedia in ElasticSearch, and to search it in a web page.

Temporarily hosted on: (using a free-trial of Elastic Cloud, so it will stop working by April 2020).


  • api: A Spring Boot REST service to query ElasticSearch
  • ingest: A multiprocessing Python app to download and index a dump of English Wikipedia
  • search-tool: An Angular 9 Material web app to search the index using the REST API

Getting Started

  • Dependencies

    • Maven 3.x, JDK 11+
    • Python 3.7+
    • Pipenv
    • Node.js 12+ and Yarn
  • Ingest some documents. In the ingest directory:

    • Create a file named .env and add the following config:
    • Run pipenv install
    • Make a directory named dumps
    • Look in the file. Adjust the BASE_URL and POOL_SIZE for a better mirror depending on your location, and CPU count
    • Find a suitable dump date on, e.g. 20200301
    • Start ingesting with pipenv run python 20200301
  • Run the API. In the api directory:

    • Set your terminal's environment variables like in the .env file above
    • Run mvn spring-boot:run
  • Run the front-end app. In the search-tool directory:

    • Run yarn
    • Run yarn start
    • Open http://localhost:4200. You should be able to search for stuff.

Using Docker

  • Run docker-compose pull
  • Run docker-compose up -d
  • Open http://localhost:8081. Note that the API may take a few minutes to start up, as the image first compiles the program.