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An ecosystem for developing and programming with zkSNARKs


  1. algebra Public

    Libraries for finite field, elliptic curve, and polynomial arithmetic

    Rust 146 50

  2. groth16 Public

    A Rust implementation of the Groth16 zkSNARK

    Rust 47 12

  3. r1cs-std Public

    R1CS constraints for bits, fields, and elliptic curves

    Rust 28 10

  4. curves Public

    Implementations of popular elliptic curves

    Rust 83 28

  5. marlin Public

    A Rust library for the Marlin preprocessing zkSNARK

    Rust 136 27

  6. Interfaces and implementations of cryptographic primitives, along with R1CS constraints for them

    Rust 37 13


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