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Tmux-GitBar: shows Git Status in Tmux.

tmux-gitbar demo

tmux-gitbar shows the status of your git working tree, right in tmux status bar.

Important: this project has moved

What? You should switch to Gitmux, it now replaces tmux-gitbar.
Why? Because Gitmux does all what tmux-gitbar does but is much easier to install, use and customize!
How? Gitmux is written in Go, uses more recent tmux features making it shell-independent, whereas tmux-gitbar only worked on bash and was honestly was a pain to maintain! 😉
When Now! Gitmux is already at feature parity with tmux-gitbar, and will benefit from new features.

Just download the latest precompiled binary for your platform.


If the working directory is managed by Git, tmux-gitbar will present Git status in a compact, discret and informative way, right in tmux status bar. When the working directory is not managed by git, tmux-gitbar gets out of the way.

Branches Info

  • names of local and remote branches
  • number of commits before/after/divergent between them

Working tree status

  • is your working tree clean?
  • number of changed, stashed, untracked files
  • are there any conflicts?

Integrates easily and discretely with Tmux

  • status bar is left untouched if current directory in not managed by Git.
  • when it does show, tmux-gitbar doesn't overwrite anything, instead it places itself at the leftmost, or righmost end of the status bar.

tmux-gitbar has some sensible default, yet you can fully customize what will be displayed, where and how, in tmux-gitbar.conf, this file is auto-generated at first launch, in the installation directory.

Table of Contents


You can install tmux-gitbar anywhere you want, by default the location is your home directory.

Default installation

Default installation directory is $HOME/.tmux-gitbar

Get the code

git clone ~/.tmux-gitbar

Add this to tmux.conf

source-file "$HOME/.tmux-gitbar/tmux-gitbar.tmux"

That's it, next time you restart tmux and bash, tmux-gitbar will show when the current directory is managed by Git.

Choosing another install location

Let's say you prefer to install tmux-gitbar in /path/to/tmux-gitbar.

Get the code

git clone /path/to/tmux-gitbar

Add this to tmux.conf

source-file "/path/to/tmux-gitbar/tmux-gitbar.tmux"

Note: TMUX_GITBAR_DIR environment variable must be set before sourcing tmux-gitbar.tmux. It should not have any trailing slash.

Configuration file

tmux-gitbar generates a default configuration file at first launch in $HOME/.tmux-gitbar.conf. If you prefer having it somewhere else you should set the new path in $TMUX_GITBAR_CONF.

Add this to tmux.conf



The default tmux-gitbar configuration does not require you to install any additional font. If however some symbols don't show up or are incorrectly displayed, you should check that your terminal font supports the symbols used in tmux-gitbar.

All default symbols can be replaced.

See the Symbols or Troubleshooting sections for more on this.

FYI, the font shown in the screenshots is consolas-font-for-powerline, and the default BRANCH_SYMBOL has been replaced.


tmux-gitbar demo

  • on branch master
  • remote tracking origin/master
  • local master is 1 commit ahead of origin/master
  • there is 1 changed (not staged) file
  • there is 1 untracked file

tmux-gitbar demo

  • on branch master
  • remote tracking origin/master
  • local master is 1 commit ahead of origin/master
  • the working tree is clean

tmux-gitbar demo

  • working tree is on a 'detached HEAD' state
  • no remote tracking branch
  • can't report about the remote branch
  • there is 1 staged file
  • there is 1 stash entry

tmux-gitbar demo

  • on branch master
  • remote tracking origin/master
  • local master has diverged by 7 commits, origin/master by 1
  • there is one merge conflict


To cusstomize the location and appearance of tmux-gitbar you should see tmux-gitbar.conf, this file is generated at first launch with the default config.

Status string

The status string takes care of the general appearance of the status bar, each keyword corresponds to a specific information of the Git status.

Default status string is:

TMGB_STATUS_STRING="#{git_branch} - #{git_upstream} - #{git_remote} #{git_flags}"

The status string can be made of any of the standard tmux keywords, plus 4 new Git specific ones:

keyword example definition
#{git_branch} ⭠ master local branch
#{git_upstream} origin/master remote tracking branch
#{git_remote} ↓n local branch relative to upstream
#{git_flags} ●n ✚n or git status fields

tmux-gitbar keywords

  • #{git_branch}

Shows the symbol followed by the local branch name.

  • #{git_upstream}

Shows the name of remote upstream branch or ^ if you are not tracking any remote branch.

  • #{git_remote}
symbol meaning
↑n local branch is ahead of remote by n commits
↓n local branch is behind remote by n commits
↓m↑n local and remote branches have diverged, yours by m commits, remote by n
L local branch only, not remotely tracked
  • #{git_flags}
symbol meaning
●n there are n staged files
✖n there are n files with merge conflicts
✚n there are n changed but unstaged files
…n there are n untracked files
⚑n there are n stash entries

Flags are not shown if value is 0. The working tree is considered clean if all flags are 0, in this case a is shown.

Status bar location

Accepts left of right. Default:


Status bar color


tmux-gitbar background color. Default is black.


tmux-gitbar foreground color. Default is white.


All symbols can be replaced. Symbols defined in tmux-gitbar.conf override default ones. For example, if you want to use the x to represent conflicts, instead of the default '' (unicode 0x2716), simply add to your tmux-gitbar.conf:



Delimiters between various information can be customized:

  • FLAGS_DELIMITER_FMT delimits the different status flags
  • SYMBOL_DELIMITER_FMT delimits the a status flag symbol with the corresponding number
  • SPLIT_DELIMITER_FMT delimits the status flags with the rest of the status string.

Ignoring Repositories

You can ignore a repository by adding the file .tmgbignore to the root of the repository to be ignored. This will stop tmux-gitbar from showing for the targeted repository.

touch "/path/to/repo/.tmgbignore"


tmux-gitbar doesn't show up entirely...

It may simply be hidden because there isn't enough remaining space on the status bar. Try to increase the length of tmux status bar (left or or right) and/or remove some information from the tmux status bar (in tmux.conf):

# increase space on right status bar
set -g status-right-length 100

# remove everything on the right (just tmux-gitbar will show up)
set -g status-right ""

By default tmux-gitbar shows on the right, set left in tmux-gitbar.conf to see if that is your case (in tmux-gitbar.conf).

nothing is showing on tmux status bar...

Check if your $PROMPT_COMMAND has been overwritten.

To check this, open a tmux session and run:


If tmux-gitbar shows up, that means something (in your .bashrc?) might be overwriting the $PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable installed by tmux-gitbar. $PROMPT_COMMAND should be a concatenation of commands, as $PATH is a concatenation of paths.

Check if your $PROMPT_COMMAND has been overwritten (2).

To check this, open a tmux session and run:


If the output is __vte_prompt_command and only __vte_prompt_command, try to change or set default-terminal in your tmux configuration file (probably located at ~/.tmux.conf):

set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

This is a known issue, on various Linux distributions, of a script that comes with certain versions of libvte. It overwrites the user $PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable instead of concatenating to it. There are different workarounds, the easiest being not to set default-terminal to a string containing xterm nor vte, for example screen-256color.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Some users reported some symbols do not show up correctly with Bash on Windows, even when some additional font has been installed. Replace the offending symbols to solve this, see Symbols and #49.

file an issue

Try to provide a maximum of context, at least:

  • the output of tmux -V && echo $SHELL
  • if possible, the content of your .tmux.conf
  • the output of echo $PROMPT_COMMAND while inside a tmux session.



The inspiration for and a part of the code base of tmux-gitbar are coming from those 2 great projects:

  • bash-git-prompt an informative and fancy bash prompt for Git users.
  • tmux-git a script for showing current Git branch in Tmux status bar


Other credits for :


tmux-gitbar is licensed under GNU GPLv3.


v2.1.5, 2018-06-21

  • fix #57: git status still read when .tmgbignore found

v2.1.4, 2018-06-04

  • fix #54: garbage output on newly created repositories.

v2.1.3, 2017-04-28

  • update README: libvte workaround (troubleshooting)

v2.1.2, 2017-04-14

  • allow configuring status bar delimiters

v2.1.1, 2016-11-23

  • add support for ignoring repositories through .tmgbignore

v2.1.0, 2016-11-20

  • configuration file location is defined by $TMUX_GITBAR_CONF
  • Fix issue 37: tmux-gitbar.conf can be stored outside of repo.

v2.0.0, 2016-08-29

  • Concatenate Git status to previous status
  • Fix issue 28: do not overwrite previous status

v1.3.2, 2016-08-07

  • Replace default BRANCH_SYMBOL with u8997 symbol
  • Fix issue 10: some symbols do not render with the stock font

v1.3.0, 2016-04-02

  • tmux-gitbar.conf is not version controlled any more, and generated at first launch, allowing to update tmux-gitbar without overwriting user-customized configuration.

v1.2.0, 2016-03-26

  • Add integration test suite

v1.1.1, 2016-03-10

  • Replace deprecated status-xxx-fg/bg/attr syntax with the new style syntax
  • Fix issue 23 'bad colour' error

v1.1.0, 2016-03-06

  • Reorganize code to make testing easier
  • Add unit testing
  • Add travis continuous integration

v1.0.3, 2016-03-02

  • Protect from multiple prompt_command calls

v1.0.2, 2016-02-29

  • Fix Error on tmux.conf reload

v1.0.1, 2016-02-25

  • Remove vim modelines
  • more portable shebangs

v1.0.0, 2016-02-25

  • Breaking change: no more need to modify .bashrc
  • PROMPT_COMMAND now calls a script, not a shell function

v0.1.0, 2016-02-25

  • Include clean flags into #{git_flags} keyword
  • Rework README, add screenshots, screencast

v0.0.1, 2016-02-15

  • Initial version