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Simple to use, offline web communication grid (AAC), integrated with AsTeRICS
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App for creating a flexible grid system that can be used for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Environmental control or interaction with custom ARE models. The AsTeRICS Grid will also be runnable standalone, without any AsTeRICS backend.

See for a online demo of the Grid, see for testing the latest (but maybe unstable) version.

The AsTeRICS Grid evolved out of AsTeRICS Ergo, see AsTeRICS Ergo Master Plan and AsTeRICS Ergo Architecture and will eventually replace AsTeRICS Ergo.


see User documentation

Run project

  1. clone the project git clone
  2. install node.js
  3. go to the directory of the cloned project and run npm install

After npm install the following commands are possible:

  1. npm run start --> starts a webserver serving the AsTeRICS grid, does hot reloading if js-sources change.
  2. npm run build --> builds the js-files in folder src to app/build and app/build_legacy folders.
  3. npm run watch --> watches the files in in folder src to and builds them to app/build and app/build_legacy folders, if something changes.
  4. npm run pages --> updates the branch gh-pages to the branch master and pushes it. Therefore this command updates the online site of the AsTeRICS Grid at
  5. npm run pages-stash --> same as (4) but does a git stash before and git stash apply after all actions and therefore can be used if there are non-commited changes in the working directory.
  6. npm run start-appcache --> same as (1), includes appcache file for offline capabilities (maybe inconvenient for development).
  7. npm run watch-appcache --> same as (3), includes appcache file for offline capabilities (maybe inconvenient for development). For auto-reloading of changes with enabled offline capabilities start npm run start-appcache in one tab and npm run watch-appcache in another tab.


Thanks to for providing a free open source license.

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