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Astropy Tutorials

This repository contains tutorials for the Astropy project. These are typically longer-form, more narrative presentations of functionality in the Astropy core package and any affiliated packages. The tutorials are therefore different from the Astropy core package documentation, which presents a more structured and exhaustive view of the core package.

To see the tutorials rendered as static web pages, see the Astropy tutorials site.

To run the tutorials interactively, you'll need to make sure you have Jupyter notebook installed, then clone or download this repository. The notebook files themselves live in the tutorials directory of this repository, organized by the names of the tutorials.

You can also get started quickly using Binder to run the tutorials in your web browser within a remote server:

Contributing tutorial material

Please see the "For contributors" section of the tutorials documentation for information on how to get started.

Tutorial infrastructure

For more information on the infrastructure that builds the tutorials, see the `infrastructure/developer http://astropy-tutorials.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dev.html>`_" section of the tutorials documentation.