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Atol Conseils et Développements

What is Atol CD

Atol CD is a french software company working primarily in the open source field. You can find extensive informations on our website or follow us through social media, both links are included in this organization's header. You can also check out our company's blog (only available in french). Job opportunities are exposed on our corporate website (only in french too).

What is this organization

The goal of atolcd is to host the company's own open-source software productions. We also contribute to some open-source projects, and are hosting our forks under a separate organization called atolcd-contrib:

Any security considerations ?

Have you found an issue in one of our projects ? You can browse the security policy of the affected repository. If the security issue does not affect a published repository, you can find basic security contact information in our generic security policy, avalailable here or on our corporate website :

Please be aware that we don't have any active bug bounty program right now.


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    🔥 Remocra - Plateforme métier opensource conçue par et pour les SDIS.

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