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Render file patches with a decorated Editor #1512

merged 402 commits into from Oct 25, 2018


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@smashwilson smashwilson commented Jun 6, 2018

Use decorations within an Atom TextEditor element to implement a file patch item. This should get us improved performance for large diffs, editable diff support, and open the path for multi-file diff views like a commit or pull request pane.

Just to set proper expectations, I'll likely need to pause and resume this a few times before it lands. Don't worry, I won't forget about it πŸ˜„

Remaining Work
  • Split FilePatchController out into a FilePatchItem, FilePatchContainer, FilePatchController, and FilePatchView, as per #1436.
  • Inherit basic item wiring (getTitle(), etc) onto FilePatchItem.
  • Render an <AtomTextEditor> within the FilePatchView.
  • Model: render a FilePatch to the unadorned text that should be displayed within the editor accompanied by the buffer line ranges that correspond to each hunk and line range
  • View: render each group of controls from the original FilePatchView within an appropriately placed Decoration
    • CSS tweaks to keep it looking right
  • Controller: port interactions over and wire 'em up to the right controls
    • Figure out how to preserve selection semantics
  • Update Marker and Decoration components to handle prop changes correctly
  • Correctly and efficiently update FilePatchView decorations when the FilePatch changes due to staging operations
  • Upstream in Atom atom/atom#17736
    • Support custom line numberings in the line number gutter
    • Support the creation of multiple line number gutters
    • Investigate and correct the weird doubled line number labels in custom line-number gutters
    • Write tests for the new gutter code in TextEditorElement's tests
  • Fix StagingView selection sync regression
  • "No changes to display" should be centered in the pane
  • Rework PresentedFilePatch model to unify it with the old model and prevent us from keeping two copies of the diff around
    • Store all patch text in a single String owned by Patch
    • Use an IndexedRowRange to unify an Atom Range with a pair of string offsets
    • Eliminate HunkLine and replace it with IndexedRowRanges within each Hunk that delimit addition and deletion regions
    • Rework partial and complete stage and unstage patch generation
    • Use null objects for missing Files or Patches
    • Unify new model objects within a FilePatch
    • Use a nullFilePatch to signal a missing patch
    • Efficiently determine the Hunk owning a given buffer row
    • Generate old and new line numbers given a buffer row within the patch
    • Use buffer rows to represent lines within a FilePatchSelection
  • Adjust the FilePatchView to use the new model instead of a PresentedFilePatch
  • An empty FilePatch should have navigation controls
  • Restore commands and hotkeys
  • Synchronize the FilePatchSelection and the TextEditor selections
    • Derive the selected patch rows from the current TextEditor selection ranges
    • Handle ctrl- and cmd-clicks and drags on the gutters by adjusting the TextEditor selections
    • Fix patch application
    • Heuristically preserve selection rows when a new FilePatch is generated
    • Suppress setState while the AtomTextEditor is being re-rendered with new content
    • Delete the now-unused FilePatchSelection and its tests
  • Stretch hunk and change region ranges to the end of the last line
  • Catch test coverage up to the speculative work. Get us βœ… again.
  • Store the patch text in a TextBuffer in the Patch model instead of a String
    • Allow an AtomTextEditor to be initialized with an externally owned TextBuffer.
    • Store markers within Regions and Hunks instead of IndexedRowRanges.
    • Organize the markers within a given patch into layers.
    • Create markers instead of IndexedRowRanges in buildFilePatch().
    • Roll a new FilePatch into a previous FilePatch's buffer.
    • Move getHunkAt() into Patch and FilePatch.
    • Allow Markers and MarkerLayers to inherit externally managed resources by ID
    • Decorate Patch-owned MarkerLayers and Markers in FilePatchView.
    • Preserve the buffer when a new FilePatch arrives.
    • Make the CommitView use an external text buffer for the commit message.
  • Re-introduce hunk selections
  • Create a prerelease tag on this branch so that we can dogfood this
  • Fix discarding hunks and lines
  • Stage, unstage, or discard patches with a blank line
  • Correct exception when staging or unstaging the final hunk
  • Correct breakage when decorating destroyed markers
  • Re-introduce the "toggle hunk" keybinding
  • Be less sensitive to stale MarkerLayers when rendering
  • Re-introduce hunk-mode navigation controls
  • Selection decorations only appear on the first row when a row is soft-wrapped
  • "TypeError: Cannot read property 'getMarker' of undefined"
  • Re-render on first click with soft-wrapped lines. Upstream fix: atom/atom#18087
  • Reword "(un)stage selections" buttons to mention lines
  • Include a final empty row in the selected row set
  • TypeError: Cannot destructure property holder of 'undefined' or 'null' when conflicts are encountered
  • Empty diff view when staging and unstaging changes
  • Include keyboard shortcuts in (un)stage selection buttons
  • "Discard changes" regressed again
  • Begin in hunk selection mode
  • βœ… Green tests again checkpoint βœ…
  • Reintroduce + and - indicators in a gutter
  • Improve the context menu on diffs
  • Correct keyboard focus when opening FilePatchItem
  • Track down stalling and failing tests on CircleCI
  • Reintroduce "surfacing" focus to the Git tab with cmd/ctrl-right
  • Register more missing commands
  • Port #1667 on top of the rewrite
  • Integration tests for patch correctness
Concurrent with review
  • Ensure CI runs a full stable, beta, and dev matrix on all three platforms - #1663
  • Handle CI tests that run against versions of Atom older than the version specified in package.json - #1664
  • 🎨 ✨ @simurai design magic CSS pass 🎨 ✨
  • Ensure that the pane item works well
    • ... as a pending pane item
    • ... on serialize and deserialize
    • ... when changing between multiple repositories
  • Ensure that our keyboard shortcuts and commands all still work properly
  • Ensure that we don't regress our ability to handle rapid staging and unstaging
  • Make sure I delete the .old.js files 😬
  • Regression check: #1312
  • Regression check: #1241
Stretch goals
  • Make the editor editable. Alter the FilePatch accordingly. Filed as #1720.
  • Add syntax highlighting by setting the editor's grammar.
  • Support folding of the diff
  • Efficiently match up the rendered decorations by deriving a durable hunk-specific key.
  • Keep hunk headers visible as you scroll: #1642

A Guided Tour to that Giant "Files changed" Tab

Fixes #1502. ...Eventually πŸ•

@smashwilson smashwilson force-pushed the aw/file-patch-editor branch from d5aefd6 to 33595a8 Jun 10, 2018

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@smashwilson smashwilson added this to In progress πŸ”§ in Feature Sprint: 18 June - 6 July 2018 Jun 22, 2018
@smashwilson smashwilson removed this from In progress πŸ”§ in Feature Sprint: 18 June - 6 July 2018 Jul 10, 2018
@smashwilson smashwilson mentioned this pull request Jul 24, 2018
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@smashwilson smashwilson mentioned this pull request Aug 20, 2018

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smashwilson added 16 commits Aug 29, 2018
smashwilson added 4 commits Oct 25, 2018
smashwilson added 8 commits Oct 25, 2018
@smashwilson smashwilson merged commit 32c39c2 into master Oct 25, 2018
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Feature Sprint : 1 October - 19 November 2018 : v0.21.0 automation moved this from QA Review πŸ”¬ to Merged β˜‘οΈ Oct 25, 2018
@smashwilson smashwilson deleted the aw/file-patch-editor branch Oct 25, 2018
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@maxbrunsfeld maxbrunsfeld commented Oct 25, 2018

power up

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@simurai simurai commented Oct 25, 2018

I shall remember this PR as "The wall of checkboxes PR". πŸ˜‚


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