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This python script fixes your Google Contacts by adding appropriate Country Code for you. (See here for more info : Country Code). The international dialling code for your country is prepended to your contacts numbers intelligently where ever required.
This cleaning/boiling of numbers makes your phonebook country independent and clean.
For eg. A number from my contact book (I am from India), if reads - 9812343242/09812343242, it would be converted to +919812343242.


  • Go to Google Contacts.
  • Click on More>Export
  • Choose :
    • All contacts
    • Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account)
  • Click Export and save the file given by Google.

Let this file be google.csv.
Warning: Save this file somewhere safe. If anything goes wrong, you can always reset your contacts using this.

Now run the script on this file and save the output. Let this output be google_final.csv.

  • Delete all your contacts from Google Contacts.
  • Click on More>Import.
  • Choose google_final.csv from file chooser.
  • Click Import.

You are done.!! Have a look at the changes and enjoy the beauty!! :)


Thanks to libphonenumber and the creator of it's python port here libphonenumber-python.


  • Python 3


Have any suggestions or just wanna thank me for this? Mail me at I would love to hear from you. :)