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Bappy's Code Snippet Library and Commonly Used Tutorials
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Project Starter

#SnippetLib - Code Snippet Library ReadMe Last Updated: 3 Dec 2016

Project Starter

We've now created the project starter folder. This contains everthing to get the project started. No need to read through various documentations and copying and pasting. Here's the link to project starter.


The goal of this project is to the make a small collection of commonly used code and coding task tutorials available for different coding languages. The project allows easy copy paste coding for new projects as well as some useful tutorials. The project is managed and maintaned by Bappy and team.

Click on each of the .md files above (i.e: to use various code snippets for different languages. Feel free to contribute, update and get in touch. Work In Progress...


Bappy (Buppy)

Bappy Golder

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter


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