Object Tracking Dataset v1 for Depth-Based Object Tracking
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Object Tracking Data Set v1

The data set contains depth-images at a resolution of 640x480 at 30Hz and a groundtruth poses obtained from a VICON system at 100Hz. The data is based on OpenNI 1.5.x.

The current version can found be at https://git-amd.tuebingen.mpg.de/cassinaj/object_tracking_dataset_v1_lfs. To fetch the data set you need to use git-lfs.

The below figure shows an image of each object in the data set.

Planned Updates

Object Tracking Data Set v1.1

The data set will be converted to OpenNI 2.0 format.

Object Tracking Data Set v2

Recording data set containing depth and RGB images.

For more details please contact me at jan.issac@gmail.com

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