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Open source code used on public facing services, internal services and educational resources.

Popular repositories

  1. wraith Public

    Wraith — A responsive screenshot comparison tool

    Ruby 4.8k 362

  2. Responsive images while we wait for srcset to finish cooking

    JavaScript 3.8k 249

  3. peaks.js Public

    JavaScript UI component for interacting with audio waveforms

    JavaScript 2.5k 260

  4. C++ program to generate waveform data and render waveform images from audio files

    C++ 1.4k 208

  5. Build Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) based applications without the boilerplate

    TypeScript 1.3k 288

  6. bbplot Public

    R package that helps create and export ggplot2 charts in the style used by the BBC News data team

    R 1.3k 230