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Simplified media playback for bigscreen devices.


Bigscreen Player is an open source project developed by the BBC to simplify video and audio playback on a wide range of 'bigscreen' devices (TVs, set-top boxes, games consoles, and streaming devices).

For documentation on using this library, please see our Getting Started guide.

Running Locally

Install dependencies:

npm install

You can run Bigscreen Player locally in a dev environment by running:

npm run start

This will open a web page at localhost:8080.


The project is unit tested using Jest. To run the tests:

npm test

This project currently has unit test coverage but no integration test suite. This is on our Roadmap to address.


  1. Create a PR.
  2. Label the PR with one of these labels; semver prerelease, semver patch, semver minor or semver major
  3. Get a review from the core team.
  4. If the PR checks are green. The core team can merge to master.
  5. Automation takes care of the package versioning.
  6. Publishing to NPM is handled with our GitHub Actions CI integration.


Bigscreen Player uses JSDocs to autogenerate API documentation. To regenerate the documentation run:

npm run docs




Bigscreen Player is available to everyone under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open source license. Take a look at the LICENSE file in the code for more information.