Calculator made in python! (Learn python!)
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Python 2/methods
Python 3


This is a python project to help show how python works!:

- Ultimately, it's to teach YOU how you can do this yourself!
- Commented throughly to help you understand!
- Different ways you can create a calculator program, explore yours!
- NOTE : We will be focused on Python 3.

#There will be several parts of this project

- Generic teaching of python!
- Ways you can use different in-built python keywords!
- How it can be used to make a calculator, arithmetic calculations, or more!
- Some cool things it can do!

#Current Functionalities

- Default Arithmetic operators
	- Addition
	- Subtraction
	- Multiplication
	- Division
- Squareroot of a number
- Degree to Radian Conversion
- Radian to Degree Conversion

#Planned things

- Other math library functions to be used!

Side note: I'm learning python myself, so i may occasionally make some programming mistakes! Bear with me! :')