A very basic example of how to pass arrays between python and c++ using cython
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Python c++ interface example

This code illustrates how simple it is to pass n-dimensional (or in this case 2D) numpy arrays from python to c++ vectors and back.

Allowing computationally expensive code to be easily written in c++ and linked to high level python code.

This code is a small adaption from the Cython standard example (Wrapping c++) to also include the 2D numpy example


  • numpy
  • Cython

Rectangle.cpp and Rectangle.h is a an example c++ class to be wrapped

This is wrapped using cython with an interface file rect.pyx and compiled using setup.py in the standard cython way using the command:

Compiling the code:

python setup.py build_ext --inplace

Running the code:

python python_test.py