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BGPKIT Broker is an online data API service that allows users to search for publicly available BGP archive files by time, collector, project, or data type. The service indexes the archives in close to real-time (delay is less than 5 minutes). Currently, we are indexing BGP table dump and updates files from RIPE RIS and RouteViews.

This Rust library provides SDK access to the BGPKIT Broker API as well as a command-line tool to start a self-hosted broker instance. Current BGPKIT Broker API is available at

BGPKIT Broker is used in production at Cloudflare Radar powering its routing page and projects like BGP hijack detection and route leak detection.

Broker Rust SDK


Add the following dependency line to your project's Cargo.toml file:

bgpkit-broker = "0.7.0-beta.1"


You can run the follow example with cargo run --example query (source code).

use bgpkit_broker::{BgpkitBroker, BrokerItem};

pub fn main() {
    let broker = BgpkitBroker::new()

    // method 1: create iterator from reference (so that you can reuse the broker object)
    // same as `&broker.into_iter()`
    for item in &broker {
        println!("{}", item);

    // method 2: create iterator from the broker object (taking ownership)
    let items = broker.into_iter().collect::<Vec<BrokerItem>>();

    assert_eq!(items.len(), 106);

bgpkit-broker CLI Tool

bgpkit-broker is a command-line application that packages many functionalities to allow users to self-host a BGPKIT Broker instance with ease.


Install with cargo install bgpkit-broker@0.7.0-beta.5 --features cli or check out the main branch and run cargo install --path . --features cli.

If you are on a macOS environment, you can also use homebrew to install the pre-compiled binary (universal):

brew install bgpkit/tap/bgpkit-broker


bgpkit-broker has the following subcommands:

A library and command-line to provide indexing and searching functionalities for public BGP data archive files over time.

Usage: bgpkit-broker [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

  serve      Serve the Broker content via RESTful API
  update     Update the Broker database
  bootstrap  Bootstrap the broker database
  backup     Backup Broker database
  search     Search MRT files in Broker db
  latest     Display latest MRT files indexed
  help       Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

      --no-log     disable logging
      --env <ENV>  
  -h, --help       Print help
  -V, --version    Print version


bgpkit-broker serve is the main command to start the BGPKIT Broker service. It will start a web server that serves the API endpoints. It will also periodically update the local database unless the --no-update flag is set.

Serve the Broker content via RESTful API

Usage: bgpkit-broker serve [OPTIONS]

  -i, --update-interval <UPDATE_INTERVAL>  update interval in seconds [default: 300]
      --no-log                             disable logging
      --bootstrap-parquet                  bootstrap from parquet file instead of DuckDB file
  -h, --host <HOST>                        host address [default:]
  -p, --port <PORT>                        port number [default: 40064]
  -r, --root <ROOT>                        root path, useful for configuring docs UI [default: /]
      --no-update                          disable updater service
      --no-api                             disable API service
      --full-bootstrap                     do a full database bootstrap from duckdb or parquet file
  -h, --help                               Print help
  -V, --version                            Print version


bgpkit-broker update triggers a local database update manually. This command cannot be run at the same time as serve because the active API will lock the database file.

Update the Broker database

Usage: bgpkit-broker update [OPTIONS]

      --no-log             disable logging
      --bootstrap-parquet  bootstrap from parquet file instead of DuckDB file
  -h, --help               Print help
  -V, --version            Print version


bgpkit-broker update runs a database backup and export the database to a duckdb file and a parquet file. This can be run while serve is running.

Export broker database to parquet file

Usage: bgpkit-broker backup [OPTIONS]

      --no-log             disable logging
      --bootstrap-parquet  bootstrap from parquet file instead of DuckDB file
  -h, --help               Print help
  -V, --version            Print version


bgpkit-broker search queries for MRT files using the default production API unless specified otherwise.

Search MRT files in Broker db

Usage: bgpkit-broker search [OPTIONS]

      --no-log                       disable logging
  -t, --ts-start <TS_START>          Start timestamp
      --bootstrap-parquet            bootstrap from parquet file instead of DuckDB file
  -T, --ts-end <TS_END>              End timestamp
  -p, --project <PROJECT>            filter by route collector projects, i.e. `route-views` or `riperis`
  -c, --collector-id <COLLECTOR_ID>  filter by collector IDs, e.g. 'rrc00', 'route-views2. use comma to separate multiple collectors
  -d, --data-type <DATA_TYPE>        filter by data types, i.e. 'update', 'rib'
      --page <PAGE>                  page number
      --page-size <PAGE_SIZE>        page size
  -u, --url <URL>                    
  -j, --json                         print out search results in JSON format instead of Markdown table
  -h, --help                         Print help
  -V, --version                      Print version


bgpkit-broker latest queries for the latest MRT files of each route collector from RouteViews and RIPE RIS.

  • use --collector COLLECTOR to narrow down the display of the collector.
  • use --outdated flag to toggle showing only the files from collectors that have not been generating data timely
  • use --json flag to output to a JSON file instead of a Markdown table
Display latest MRT files indexed

Usage: bgpkit-broker latest [OPTIONS]

  -c, --collector <COLLECTOR>  filter by collector ID
      --no-log                 disable logging
      --env <ENV>              
  -u, --url <URL>              Specify broker endpoint
  -o, --outdated               Showing only latest items that are outdated
  -j, --json                   Print out search results in JSON format instead of Markdown table
  -h, --help                   Print help
  -V, --version                Print version

Data Provider

If you have publicly available data and want to be indexed BGPKIT Broker service, please send us an email at Our back-end service is designed to be flexible and should be able to adapt to most data archiving approaches.