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About biscicol-server

biscicol-server is a machine level interface to reasoned trait data that has been processed using the ontology-data-pipeline (see, for example, ppo-data-pipeline and fovt-data-pipeline). The API here serves user interfaces for FuTRES, PPO, and Amphibian Disease portals as well as two R packages: rppo and rfovt.

Query functions return instance data run through a node.js reverse proxy to an elasticsearch database service. Query functions returning OWL class definitions utilize the rdflib.js library for parsing the ontology, and cache elements on the server to be returned for requests. A cronjob is utilized to update cache results once per night so any changes in the PPO itself will take up to 24 hours to register. The purpose of the cacheing is to improve speed of responses.

The URL endpoint prefix for all services is at Following are the services that live below this endpoint. Please note the versions of the service endpoints below which contain different current versions, indicated by v1 or v2. It is important to reference the correct version for each service to return the documented responses:

api/v1/query/{INDEX}/ Query the data store for any given INDEX (futres, ppo, amphibiandisease)

FuTRES Specific Endpoints

Plant Phenology Ontology Specific Endpoints

Amphibian Disease Specific Endpoints

  • adapi/v3/download See instructions for downloading FuTRES data



Service endpoint code for searching PPO elasticsearch data






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