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HTML/JS Library/App for coding looping gif animations.
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HTML/JS Library/App for coding looping gif animations.


See the documentation


If you make any changes to the source code, you can run the app directly from index_src.html in the src directory, which will have your changes.

To compile any changes into glc-min.js in the app directory, follow these steps.

Install the build tools on your system:


  • pandoc if you will be building documentation.
  • electron if you want to compile a standalone executable for your platform. You'll need to set the path to your electron install and project src path in Gruntfile.js

Add project dependencies:

  • npm-install

Grunt commands:

  • grunt clean deletes the app and docs directories.
  • grunt build builds the app into the app directory.
  • grunt buildx builds the app and launches it in the default browser.
  • grunt docs builds all the docs into the docs directory.
  • grunt docsx builds the docs and launches them in the default browser.
  • grunt cleans and builds both the app and the docs
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