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Bitcoin Programming with BitcoinJS, Bitcoin Core and LND

Welcome to the non-official Bitcoin Programming with BitcoinJS extensive guide! You will learn how to create various types of Bitcoin transactions using the BitcoinJS library.

We will use the Bitcoin Core command-line interface in Regtest mode for various common tasks, as well as some complementary libraries like bx aka Libbitcoin Explorer.

Throughout this guide, we want to provide you with sufficient explanation to each command to understand it without drowning in information. You can refer to additional resources to better understand the Bitcoin protocol. For example, check out our Bitcoin Studio presentations.

At the moment, Bitcoin Javascript tutorials are still very scarce, but we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. The following guide intends to address this problem.

This guide is maintained on GitHub and available as a web book. It is written in awesome AsciiDoc and generated using the kickass Antora site generator.

Repository Structure

  • The Master branch contains the Antora playbook, the UI project, and the UI bundle.
    The UI project build then packages the UI into a bundle, which the UI Loader in Antora consumes. Antora grabs the bundle, extracts it into a UI catalog, and takes compilation to completion by weaving the Antora’s content model into the Handlebars templates to make the pages and auxiliary data files. Antora then copies the remaining UI assets to the site output.

Generates the UI bundle
npm install
gulp bundle
Build the website
antora antora-playbook.yml
  • The Documentation Components stored in versioned branches (v4, v5, …​).