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Learn Programming

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General Knowledge

Our hack nights attract attendees with a range of skill levels, from seasoned developers to complete beginners. This wiki is organized primarily by language or subject, which may be most useful if you already know what you're looking for. This page seeks to give pointers to beginners who may need some background knowledge before deciding where to begin.

Some language-specific introductory materials are suitable for beginners, like Learn Python the Hard Way, or other Python courses, but many will assume prior programming experience. If you're a "top-down", hands-on learner, try resources in the style of the "Hard Way" series, or interactive online systems like Treehouse.

A worthy option to consider is FreeCodeCamp, which is a free and hands-on curriculum that targets beginning programmers. It progressively teaches full-stack web development (using JavaScript on the client and server sides), encouraging you to build a real application for a non-profit organization in need as you learn. A few community members have used BKK/hack hack nights as a local peer group for working through FreeCodeCamp together.

If you're more of a bottom-up learner that likes to understand theory, the online university course platforms have a great deal of introductory computer science material available:

If you discover that you enjoy programming, you'll almost certainly want to explore some of the theory and formal knowledge eventually, but watching lectures might not be the most fun thing to do at hack nights, unless you recruit some peers to join you :-)

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